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Backline Hire in Birmingham

Bass Amps

Ampeg SVT2 pro bass head

300w valve bass head

Ampeg SVT 8 x 10″ cab

8 x 10″ bass amp extension cabinet

Ampeg SVT 4 x 10″ cab

4 x 10″ bass amp extension cabinet

Ampeg B2-RE Bass Head

400watt Solid state Bass Head

Trace Elliot 122H

2 x 10″ bass amp combo

Trace Elliot extension cabinet

1 x 15″ extension cabinet for combo

Guitar Amps

Fender Deville

4 x 10″ guitar amp (combo)

Fender Deville blues

4 x 10″ guitar amp (combo)

Fender twin reverb

2 x 12″ guitar amp (combo)


Peavey 5150

2 x 12″ guitar amp (combo)

Mesa Boogie 1×12

1×12 solid state guitar amp (combo)


Drums & Percussion

Pearl Export

Full drum kit with hardware & Ziljidan cymbals

Keyboards & Synths

Peavey KB5

2 x 10″ keyboard amp (combo)

Roland KC500

1 x 15″ keyboard amp (combo)

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

The Cloud One Group are a leading provider of sound, lighting, projection, staging, rigging and backline equipment to the events industry with a comprehensive inventory catering for most eventualities and requirements.

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Having completed many high quality installations over the years, our experienced team have many satisfied customers who have benefited from our advice & expertise to provide for their Audio Visual, Sound, Lighting, Projection & Drapery projects.




With more than 30 years experience in hire and installations we have had the opportunity to trial a wide range of equipment from the world's foremost manufacturers. This enables us to provide detailed, informative and unbiased support.