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Lighting Hire in Birmingham


Avolites Tiger Touch Pro

With most recent Titan update

zero 88 linebacker

Zero 88 Linebacker

DMX tester and single universe lighting controller

Avolites Pearl 2008

Large scale lighting console

Zero 88 Alcora

Small scale lighting console


Anytronics DP610

  • Dimmer without local control 63A 1ø
  • 6 x 10 amp (2.4kw)
  • 2 socapex outputs

Anytronics DS610

  • Dimmer with local control 63A 1ø
  • 6 x 10A (2.4kw)
  • 2 socapex outputs

Strand Act 6

  • Analogue control 32A 1ø
  • 6 x 5 amp (1.2kw)
  • 15 amp sockets

Zero88 Alphapack

  • 3 channel DMX dimmer
  • 3 x 6.3 amp (1.5kw)
  • 15 amp sockets


ADB F101

1200w Fresnel

Selecon Acclaim

650w Fresnel

ETC Source 4 JNR

  • 575w zoom profile
  • 25°/50° beam angle

ETC Source 4 profile

  • 750w zoom profile
  • 15°/30° and 25°/50° available

PAR 64 Cans

Many available, long and short nose, black and chrome and bars of 6 also.

4 Cell Molefay Blinder

  • 16a input
  • 4x 650w lamps

Strand Quartet PC

650w Fresnel


IP rated floods. Both 500w and 1kw available.

LED Fixtures

Chauvet COLORdash Par-Quad 18

RGBA LED Fixture

Miltec LEDHead Batten2


iPix Satellite

RGB LED Fixture

Prolight SmartBat Uplighter

Prolights Smartbat Battery Uplighter

IP rated battery uplighter with 8-12 hours battery life. Full wireless DMX capability.

Moving Heads

Martin Mac 101

Compact LED moving wash

Martin Mac Aura

LED moving wash

Elation Platinum Beam 5R

Moving beam fixture with gobo & colour wheel.

Robe Colorspot 250AT

Moving spot light with gobo wheel.

Haze and Effects

Chauvet Arena hazer 3

Available in a pair. Water based DMX hazer.

Chauvet Amhaze Studio Hazer

Silent running, high output hazer perfect for TV and theatre.

strand solo followspot

Strand Solo Followspot

Tungsten followspot with colour magazine and iris.

Pani HMV 1200 followspot

Available in a pair/ 1200W HMI beam with colour magazine and ballast.

Le Maitre Pyro Firing Kit

includes 2 flash pods, a 2 way controller and cabling.

Soundlab Snow Machine

Available in a pair, high output foam and snow machine.