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Rigging Hire in Birmingham

Allustage Quadro Truss 390

Alustage Quadro PA tower system

PA tower rigging system

Alustage Quadro 390 truss – 3000mm

Medium duty box truss

Duratruss DT-34

Duratruss DT-34 3000mm

Box truss

Duratruss DT-34 2000mm

Box truss

Duratruss DT-34 1000mm

Box truss

Duratruss DT-34 500mm

Box truss

Duratruss DT-34 250mm

Box truss

Duratruss DT-34 Various

Duratruss DT-34 BPM


Duratruss DT-34 3-way Corner

Corner section for DT-34 box truss

Duratruss DT-34 4-way junction

4 way junction for DT-34 box truss

Slick Litebeam

Slick Litebeam 3000mm

Tri Truss

Slick Litebeam 2000mm

Tri Truss

Slick Litebeam 1000mm

Tri Truss

Slick Litebeam 500mm

Tri Truss

Slick Litebeam 250mm

Tri Truss

Slick Litebeam Corners

Slick Litebeam 3 way T-Junction

Tri Truss 3 way T Junction


Slick Litebeam Baseplate

Tri Truss Baseplate

Shackles, Strops & Steels

Bow shackles

  • 0.5T
  • 1T
  • 2T
  • 3.25T
  • 4T

Strops/ Roundsling

  • Ratings: 1T & 2T
  • Lengths:2m, 3m, 4m

Flat duplex slings


Steel rope

Various sizes and ratings

Motors & Hoists

Verlinde litachain electric chain hoist

Rating: 1000Kg
Lift: 17m


ACE SFCB0.56 manual chain hoist

Rating: 500Kg
Lift: 6m 


Manfrotto wind up

Height: 3.7m
Rating: 30Kg SWL

Doughty zodiac wind up

Lift: 5.3m
Rating: 200kg

Tank trap stand

  • Takes standard 48mm scaffolding
  • ideal for lighting



48mm various lengths

Half coupler

SWL: 340Kg, 750Kg


Unistrut Fitting Hook Clamp

SWL: 150kg

Unistrut Fitting Round Eye

M8, M10, M12 & M16 Available

Access Equipment

Aluminium access tower

Lightweight 6m access tower


10 & 11 rung versions available


Various height aluminium ladders

Folding access platform

Changable height and folds for storage