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Audio & Sound Hire in Birmingham

Digital Mixing Consoles

Yamaha CL5

  • 72 Channels
  • 24 mixes
  • 8 matrix

Yamaha QL1

  • 32 channels
  • 16 mixes
  • 8 matrix

Yamaha M7CL-ES

  • 48 channels
  • 16 mixes
  • 8 matrix

Yamaha LS9-16

  • 16 or 32 channels
  • 16 mixes
  • 8 matrix

Yamaha M7CL

  • 48 channels
  • 16 mixes
  • 8 matrix

Digital Mixing Console Accessories

Yamaha Rio-3224-D

Dante stage box
Inputs: 32 analog
Outputs:  16 analog + 8 digital

Yamaha SB168ES

EtherSound stage box
Inputs: 16 analog
Outputs:  8 analog

Tactical ethercon dual reel

Tour grade dual ethercon reel

Analogue Mixing Consoles

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard

  • 14:4:2 mixing console
  • 6 auxes

Soundcraft EPM8

  • 8:2:2 mixing console
  • 2 auxes

Behringer MX1602

  • 8:2 mixing console
  • 2 auxes

Soundcraft 200B

  • 16:4:2 mixing console
  • 4 auxes

Powered Mixers

Phonic Powerpod

Inputs: 8
Outputs: 2

Soundcraft GigRac

Inputs: 6 mono/2 stereo
Outputs: 2x 500w


Amcron MA 2401

  • 2 channel amplifier
  • 2 x 800w

Chevin Q6

  • 4 channel power amplifier
  • 4 x 600w

Chevin Q900

  • 4 channel power amplifier
  • 4 x 900w

D&B D12

  • 2 channel power amplifier
  • Compatible with all D&B equipment
  • 2 x 750w into 8 ohms
  • 2 x 1200w into 4 ohms

D&B EPac

  • Compact 1 channel power amplifier
  • Compatible with D&B E series
  • 1 x 200w into 16 ohms
  • 2 x 300w into 8 ohms

D&B P1200A

  • 2 channel power amplifier
  • 2 x 400w into 8 ohms
  • 2 x 600w into 4 ohms

Lab Gruppen PLM10000Q

  • Digital amplifier
  • 2 inputs
  • 4 outputs
  • 4x 2350w

Lab Gruppen FP3400

  • 2 channel power amplifier
  • 2x 1700w

Lab Gruppen FP6400

  • 2 channel power amplifier
  • 2x 3200w

L’acoustics LA8

  • 4 Channel Power Amplifier
  • 2 Inputs
  • 2x 1800w into 4 ohms


Adamson Y10

Sub-compact 3 way line array loudspeaker

L’Acoustics dV-DOSC

Compact line array loudspeaker

L’acoustics ARCS II

Constant curvature line source array cabinet

d&b E12

Lightweight high performance 2 way loudspeaker

Meyersound UPA-1p

2 way powered loudspeaker

Meyersound MSL-4

Horn loaded long throw loudspeaker

D&B E8

Compact 2 way loudspeaker

D&B E3

Compact 2 way loudspeaker

Anchor Liberty Battery Powered

Battery Power 2 way loudspeaker

Martin Audio W2

2 way loudspeaker

Nexo PS8

2 way compact loudspeaker

JBL Control 1

Compact powered loudspeaker

Stage Monitors

D&B M4

15″ coaxial 2-way high performance stage monitor


15″ 500W Biamped Monitor Wedge


12″ Coaxial Passive Monitor Wedge

SAT 152

15″ 500w Passive Monitor Wedge Cabinet


AKG C414

Large diaphragm condenser microphone switchable polar patterns

AKG C451

Small diaphragm condenser microphone

Shure Beta98

Condenser drum microphone

Beyer Dynamic M88

Dynamic microphone

Klark Technik 6051

Omni-directional condenser with flat frequency response

Sennheiser e602

Dynamic kick microphone

Sennheiser e604

Dynamic drum microphone

Sennheiser e606

Dynamic instrument microphone

Sennheiser e614

General purpose condenser microphone

Sennheiser e845s

Switched vocal microphone

Sennheiser e855

Dynamic vocal microphone

Sennheiser e935

Dynamic vocal microphone

Sennheiser MD421

Dynamic instrument microphone

Shure MX412/s

Condenser gooseneck lectern microphone

Shure SM57

Dynamic instrument microphone

Shure SM58

Dynamic vocal microphone

Shure SM91

Condenser instrument microphone

Shure SM98

Condenser drum microphone

Shure Beta52a

Dynamic kick microphone

Shure Beta58a

Dynamic vocal microphone

Shure Beta57a

Dynamic instrument microphone

Radio Systems

Shure UHF-R UR4D+

2 channel radio receiver

Shure UAB870 WB

Active antenna paddle

Shure UA844-SWB

Antenna distribution system

Shure UA820K

Rubber duck antenna

Shure UHF-R UR1

Beltpack transmitter

Shure UHF UR2 Beta 58A

Handheld radio Beta 58A microphone

Shure UHF-R UR2 Beta 87A

Handheld radio Beta 87A microphone

Shure WH20

Headset dynamic microphone

Shure WL184

Lavalier microphone

Shure WL185

Lavalier microphone

Shure WL51

Lavalier microphone

Beyer Dynamic TG-X 45

Headset microphone

Countryman E6

Headset microphone

Sennheiser EW100 G3 EM100 receiver

Single channel radio receiver

Sennheiser EW100 G3 SK100

Beltpack radio transmitter

Sennheiser EW100 G3 SKM100 e835

Handheld radio e835 microphone

Sennheiser ME2

Lavalier microphone

Sennheiser MKE2

Lavalier microphone

Sony ECM166

Lavalier microphone


Klark Teknik DN3600

Dual 31 band graphic equaliser

Klark Teknik DN514

Quad gate

Dennon DN2000

Dual CD player

Roland SRV2000

Delay & reverb unit

TC Electronics M3000

Dual engine effects unit

Yamaha SPX1000

Multi effects unit

Tascam CD-RW402

CD player & recorder.

Tascam CD-450

CD player