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The Sundown Somme Event


2016 has been an internationally recognised year of mourning as the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme takes place. The NMA has been at the forefront of these such events, and Cloud One has happily provided AV for several of them.

November saw the final Somme event in the NMAs calendar, and they closed the proceedings in style. Sundown on the Somme was a night time performance event, in which a wartime re-enactment society took us back to 1916. We were charged with supplying lighting and sound for the event, with two large 1200w followspots and an array of LED battery powered atmospheric lights stationed around the site. The organisers were keen to replicate the foggy conditions of the battleground near the rover Somme, so four Glaciator low smoke machines were brought in, each in its own self-contained custom waterproof housing.


Each member of the society needed to be heard by the gathered crowds, so several discrete speakers were waterproofed and placed around the vast site, linked to wireless headset microphones. The LED lights were spread across the vast gardens at the arboretum to highlight the thousands of individually designed miniature wooden soldiers stuck in the ground, each one representing a fallen soldier at the battle.

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